About Ferris

Ferris UK is a family-owned building company that was founded by brothers Elliott and Mitchell Ferris, who are the third generation of builders in the family.

Since our inception, we have grown quickly and built a reputation for strong relationships with our customers. We initially focused on providing services to the home insurance sector, but have since expanded to offer a wide range of building and construction services.

We are known for our commitment to excellence and our dedication to maintaining strong relationships with our clients. We pride ourselves on our honesty, integrity, and quality workmanship, and strive to exceed our customers' expectations on every project.

Throughout our history, we have consistently delivered high-quality construction services to our clients and have established ourselves as a trusted and reliable partner in the building and construction industry.

Committed to Customer Service

Ferris UK began as a supplier to the insurance home repair industry and has developed a strong reputation for excellent customer service. We are dedicated to upholding our commitment to "Bringing Real Customer Service to the Construction Industry" and treat our customers' homes and businesses with respect. By following this philosophy, we ensure that our tradespeople minimise disruption to our customers' lives while completing their work.

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Proud Partnerships

Our commitment to excellent customer service has made us a valued partner in various sectors. At Ferris UK, we strive to build lasting partnerships rather than just win individual projects. We believe in working collaboratively with our clients to successfully deliver projects and ongoing work streams. We take pride in being a trusted and easy-to-work-with partner for our clients. We are constantly asking ourselves how we can make our clients' lives easier.

Putting Clients First

At Ferris UK, our family-run business is built on honesty and integrity. We respect our customers' homes, businesses, and daily lives, and value our relationships with them. We work to resolve any issues with our jobs quickly and efficiently, with the goal of making things as easy as possible for our clients. Our focus is on maintaining strong, positive relationships with our clients.

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Coverage Area

FerrisUK provides services to a large area in the heart of England, including the following postcode areas:

B, CV, DY, GL, WR, WS, and WV.
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What our customers have to say about Ferris UK

"You must have an almost limitless supply of first rate tradesfolk. Gary has done an absolutely brilliant job. We can't compliment him highly enough. Unfortunately, he was on a diet too so I am getting ever fatter. Assuming the weather messed up the schedule, we expect the decorator on Monday. Thanks again and look after Gary - he's a diamond!"

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Ferris UK Customer


"I would like to start off with a thank you to Ferris ltd. How polite, friendly & professional Gary & Alex was. Me & my wife are very pleased with the high standard of work with they did & how hard they tried to keep the area they were working in clean & tidy, while pulling down & re-fitting the ceiling. It was a pleasure to meet them. Once again thank you from a happy client."

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Shaun ████████


"Can you thank Kevin for calling and for being such a nice man.

He made me feel so comfortable and explained everything to me.

A real credit to the company.

Thank you."

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Jackie ████████


"My sitting room is finally finished and I have signed off Ferris the builders. I would like to say how excellent Ferris were. All the trades turned up on time, everything was sheeted and the floors covered, and I was constantly kept in touch with. I would highly recommend that you use this company in the future, I can't speak too highly of them."

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Ferris UK Customer


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